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Cloud & Infrastructure Administrator

Cloud & Infrastructure Administrator

Type of contract

Permanent position


Limoges, Berlin

Weekly hours

35 hours



Collective agreement



Health insurance for you and your 1st child, 100% covered
Yearly bonus based on company results
Company Savings Plan
Up to 3 remote days per week

Experience required

Minimum 3 years’ experience as a cloud and infrastructure administrator

Job description

Iconosquare is the global leader in statistical and marketing tools for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and partners with the biggest brands such as National Geographic, Patagonia, Samsung, Emirates and many more. Iconosquare is a close-knit company that values cultural diversity and personal development, and puts people at theheart of its business.

You will join a technical team of around twenty people who are responsible for designing, implementing and developing Tripnity’s information systems. You will have the opportunity to work on several different projects with their own unique points of interest in close collaboration with the Head of IT and you will be the principal point of contact for our internal teams with regard to any infrastructure system or network issues.


  • Build, manage and develop infrastructure on the AWS cloud

  • Manage databases.

  • Define and support the infrastructure transformations that are necessary for the development of the company’s projects

  • Oversee and ensure the security of our information system.

We appreciate even more

  • Have high proficiency/certifications in Amazon Web Services

  • Have a good knowledge of networks

  • Are familiar with Docker/Kubernetes

  • Are able to work collaboratively on challenging agile projects (DevOps, CI/CD)

  • Love new technology and keep up to date with the latest innovations

A few words about our company culture:

Tripnity is the producing company of Iconosquare. Its reason to be was defined in Collective Intelligence: Innovation for the planet, Inspiration for our future.
Caring, recognition and transparency are values close to our heart. But how are they actually applied to echo our vision? We use Collective Intelligence (CI) techniques to make our decisions, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) in our exchanges.
A collective governance in which everyone shoulders responsibility has been put in place.

Between experimentation and idealism, Tripnity boldly seeks the model that will allow its collaborators to work together in the direction of its reason to be.

Join Tripnity as a frontend web developer and participate in the creation and improvement of numerous internal projects. You will be able to participate in the constant improvement of our social network analytics platform, Iconosquare, and utilize your technical experience to assist both social and environmental projects. You will join a close-knit and dynamic team, where human and group values are very much in the spotlight, and get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies.

Don't hesitate, we want you.