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How Gymshark used Iconosquare to improve engagement rates on their posts by over 30%

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Maria Savage

Product Marketing Manager at Iconosquare

With an impressive social media presence of over 8M followers from 131 countries, Gymshark is a force to be reckoned with.

The brand has a substantial presence across a plethora of social media channels, notably Instagram where their followers top 4.5m across their three accounts. Efficiency, collaboration and accuracy are vital to the team continuing to outperform each financial year by doubling follower growth and consistently increasing engagement metrics.


Founded by a teenage Ben Francis in 2012, Gymshark is one of the leading fitness apparel companies in the world today. Based in the UK, Gymshark sell products both online and thought brick-and-mortar stores. While the quality of the apparel has been a huge driver in the success of the brand, the focus on a strong social media presence has been a huge attribute as well.


The number one focus for Gymshark across all of their social media channels is engagement. Typically as follower follower growth increases, brands see a drop in overall engagement and this is the something the team is focused on avoiding. In fact, they want to double their follower growth each financial year whilst also ensuring the engagement stats continue to rise. No small feat!

User-generated content and influencer marketing play a significant role in their social media marketing and their engagement strategy. With so many different people involved in projecting the Gymshark story, it’s essential for the team to be able to easily monitor and manage what’s happening within the sphere of their brand.

As social media is such a huge, key part of the overall marketing strategy at Gymshark, a team of 10 from areas throughout the business need access to Iconosquare to perform various aspects of their roles from planning and scheduling content to data analysis.


Given the number of SaaS tools already used for various marketing activities at Gymshark, the team really wanted a solution that would give them the most bang for their buck - something as close to an all-in-one as possible.

Iconosquare ticked all of the boxes:

  • In-depth analytics (especially engagement analytics!) that provided enough detail to direct their strategy but was still easy to read and understand.
  • The ability to plan, schedule and post content in advance.
  • Regular reporting so that results could be shared wide and far within the business.
  • The ability to respond to users’ engagements in real time from one place - key for reaching their lofty engagement rate goals!
  • The ability for multiple users to access the platform.
  • A central place where the team could manage all of their Instagram profiles at once.
  • Easy monitoring of influencer performance and UGC.


Within weeks of using Iconosquare, the team were seeing results. Now after over 1.5 years using the platform, they have seen an increase in key metrics like:

A per post engagement rate increase of 30%





Average engagement rate by post



Average engagement on reach


Follower growth of over 50%

Double the average number of likes and comments on posts

In addition to these, the team has also noticed how much Iconosquare has streamlined their processes and saved them time. The regular reports they have set up allow them to track performance and optimize as required without having to do lengthy data extractions and analysis. Multiple team members can access the platform to get what they need at once and Social Media Executive Rebecca Shipton says she “lives in the scheduler” planning and scheduling posts in advance.

The time savings and advanced monitoring that Gymshark has seen since joining Iconosquare has been crucial. It’s a great all-in-one tool for the team and as Rebecca says it “has facilitated me in planning for both short-term and long-term activity for our 3 Gymshark Instagram accounts when it comes to the execution of campaigns, events coverage and product launches. The ongoing increase of our engagement through the analytics and insights have been fundamental to the approach of our activity and the feed allows me to keep track of our influencer(s) and user-generated content which we always keep an eye on and re-post from time to time to keep our followers engaged.”