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How can I schedule a repost with the post scheduler?

To repost media using Iconosquare, just hover over the media in the media viewer, and click on the "Repost" icon (this can be found on media within the My tags and mentions feed for users on the ADVANCED or AGENCY plan, within your Custom feeds, and the Competitor feed).


You will then have two options to share it with your community:

  • Open your email on your mobile, where you will have received the image. Save the image to your mobile library and use your Instagram app as usual to post.


  • Go to the "Media Library" section on Iconosquare where you'll find the media has been automatically saved, and schedule it with our Instagram post scheduler. Learn how.


To find your repost on the platform, simply open your Media Library (found under the "Scheduler" section) and you'll find your repost there.

Tip: to find your reposts more easily, filter your library with the source "Repost":

To schedule the publication of this media, open it and click on the Schedule button:


Then schedule your repost like any media! Type your caption and choose a date of post (the caption will contain by default the hashtag #reposticonosquare as well as the @username of the original poster of the reposted photo). Please keep these elements in the caption to credit the original poster!


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