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How to convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business Profile

Use of Iconosquare is entirely restricted to Business Profiles. Therefore, if you have a personal account that you'd like to convert to a Business Profile so that you can add it to Iconosquare, you can learn how to do that below!

To convert your Instagram account into an Instagram Business Profile, you'll need to do the following:

1.) Create A Facebook Business Page. Don’t have one? It’s free! You can follow Facebook’s instructions to set one up here.

2.) Switch your account to a Business Profile in the Settings section of your Instagram app (Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top right of your profile —> Settings —> Account —> Switch to Business Account

3.) Link it to the relevant Page by selecting it from the list of Pages you manage! If you select "Don't connect to Facebook now", this will cause an issue with the connection between your Instagram business profile and Facebook Page, therefore preventing you from adding your Business Profile to Iconosquare, therefore it's important to select a page at this point in order to add your Business profile to Iconosquare.

As you set up your Instagram business profile, Instagram will display your business category as it’s set up on Facebook, so check that your settings on Facebook accurately reflect your business.


Note: If you're unable to select the correct page because Instagram is showing an error message below, this means that you're not an Admin of the Facebook page in Facebook Business Manager:

In this case, please ask someone who is an Admin of the page in Business Manager to try step 3 above, ensuring they're logged into their own Facebook account on the mobile device which you're using. Or, you will need to be added as an Admin of the page in Business Manager, before trying to select the page again.


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