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How can I schedule a Carousel for Instagram?

You can now schedule a Carousel to your Instagram profile from your Iconosquare account. Yay!

This option is available for PRO, ADVANCED and AGENCY users.

However, please note that the latest version of the app is required to access this feature. Also, the maximum scheduling limit for Carousels is 10 media per Carousel (the same as IG).

**NOTE: Carousels (like Stories) are not eligible for auto-posting to Instagram. You will receive a notification to post your media**


  • Go to the Scheduler
  • Click on "New Post"
  • Select "Carousel"
  • Select your media
  • Type the caption
  • Choose when you’d like to post
  • Click on the Schedule button

At the time of posting:

  • You will receive a notification on your phone through your Iconosquare app
  • Click on the notification and go to post within Iconosquare 
  • A pop-in appears explaining how to post. Your caption will be copied to Instagram
  • You will be re-directed to Instagram
  • Select the media you would like to use from the gallery on your device
  • Paste your caption
  • Click on Post
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