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I'm getting an error message while trying to schedule a media for auto-posting, what does this mean?

If your image meets all of the required criteria for auto-posting, and you're still seeing a pop-up error message (as below), then this article will help!

Please note, in order to complete these steps, you must be an Admin of the Facebook page which your Instagram business profile is linked to, AND an Admin or Manager on the Iconosquare account. Unsure if you're an Admin? Find out how to check this here!


1. Firstly, if you are seeing the following message "Data access has expired" near the top right of the page on your Iconosquare account, this means your data access token has expired, which can prevent your auto-posts from publishing successfully. If this yellow warning message is showing, simply head to the Social profiles, click on the Data access tab, and click on "Refresh access".

If you're not seeing the "Data access has expired" warning message, please proceed with the steps below.

2. Sign into your Facebook profile

  • You will then need to confirm this - but do not click on the checkbox asking if you wish to "delete all posts, photos and videos", as shown below:

(Don't worry about the message that says 'This may delete your Iconosquare account and activity'. This is an automated message from Facebook that we are working to have changed - your account will NOT be deleted, and this process will NOT have any effect on your stats. This is simply to refresh the permissions we have for your account.)

3. Re-authorize Iconosquare's permissions

  • This will redirect you to Facebook - when prompted, you must accept ALL permissions, do not customize these!
  • Once you've done that, you'll be redirected back to Iconosquare.


4. Open the Scheduler page, and click on "Unlock auto-posting" near the top right hand corner, and follow the prompts to accept this permission.

If you use Facebook scheduling on Iconosquare, you'll also need to go to the Scheduler page on your Facebook page on Iconosquare, and unlock the permissions there too (you should see the following pop-up):


 5. Please click into all future scheduled posts individually, click "EDIT" and then "SCHEDULE" the media again, ensuring that the 'Post automatically to Instagram' checkbox is ticked (which it should be by default). You should then receive the below message for all of your posts.

Note: if you have post validation enabled in the app, you'll then need to validate these posts on your mobile phone.

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