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How can I schedule a photo/video on Instagram? (NON-automatic posting method)

Before you get started, check out this handy flowchart to make sure this is the right method for you. If you land on 'You'll receive a notification', you're in the right place!


Landed on the 'Your media will post automatically to Instagram' option? Click HERE!


Landed on "You'll receive a notification"? Follow the steps below!

Or, if you're looking to schedule a Carousel or Story, click here or here.


  1. Download our mobile app (iOS or Android), and log in with your Iconosquare account. You will also need to accept to receive notifications from our app, in order to be notified at the time of the post.
  2.  Create your post on Iconosquare's website
  • Select "Scheduler" on the main menu (you'll find it under Publishing), then click on "New post" or directly on the calendar, at the time you wish to schedule your media
  • You'll be asked to choose between a photo/video media, Carousel or Story. Click on 'Photo/video'!
  • Upload or select the file you want to post from the Media Library
  • Crop it if you need to
  • Type your caption and add emojis from our emoji keyboard!
  • Choose the date and time of your post, and click on Schedule. (you can also save your post as a draft and finish it later)

Once scheduled, your upcoming publications will be displayed on the calendar. You can easily edit or delete a publication by clicking on it.

3. Publish your post on Instagram:

  • You'll receive a mobile notification at the time you scheduled your post. Open it
  • Preview the post you scheduled and click "Post on Instagram", then click "Copy to Instagram" (to copy your caption, the text is already saved to your clipboard) as in the two screenshots below. You'll be redirected to Instagram:
  • Ensure you're logged into the right Instagram account
  • Add filters if needed
  • Tap the caption area and hit "Paste".
  • Click "Share". You're done!


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