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What can a Manager do?

Managers can add or remove social profiles which have already been paid for, hashtags and competitors, feeds, and they have access to whichever social profiles have been assigned to them. However, they cannot pay for new ones and do not have access to the payment and invoice screens.

With regard to social profiles...

If there are empty social profile slots available, the manager can add one without issue.

If there are no empty social profile slots available, they will have to ask the Admin to purchase additional social profile slots in the Add-ons section. 

Users, hashtags, competitors & feeds

Managers will not have the option to add any more users, competitors, hashtags, or feeds if the slots are full. 

They can remove social profiles, users, competitors & hashtags, and feeds with no issue.

When inviting other users, managers can designate them to be fellow managers, or team members. If adding them as a team member, they can select which profile(s) the user can access.

Managers can generate exports and schedule reports.


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