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Why does my Media Viewer look different?

We have had to update the Media Viewer due to recent changes to the Instagram API, which you can read more about here

Here is a full list of changes to the Media Viewer, as of April 19th 2018:

  • you can't like media through the platform anymore, and you can't view the list of people who liked your post
  • the comments are now only available to view on your own media. You won't be able to view comments for any other user's media
  • you can only comment on your own media or media that you've been tagged in, or mentioned in the caption (keep track of these with our new Tags & Mentions Feed!)
  • you'll only be able to open the Media Viewer for your own media, media you're tagged or  mentioned in, your Competitors' media, or the media in one of your Feeds
  • all avatars except your own have been removed from the Media Viewer and replaced with an icon containing the first two letters of the user's @handle.
  • when you click on a user's username from within the Media Viewer it will open their profile on Instagram, not on Iconosquare. 

How the new Media Viewer looks on your own media:


How the new Media Viewer looks on another user's media:





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