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What is the Users & Roles feature?

When you purchase a PRO, ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE plan you have the option to add additional team members to your account with their own roles & permissions. There's the Admin (the original creator of the Iconosquare account and the only one with access to invoices and payment information), the Manager, and the Team member, who can access the social profiles, feeds, hashtags, competitors & other features set up for them by the Admin and Manager(s). Perfect for managing the busy team at your agency, or for giving your client access to their own social profile on your Iconosquare account!

Here's what it looks like adding a new user to your account:


Your new user will receive an email, which contains a link directing them to create an account on Iconosquare:

They'll have their own email and password login, so you'll never have to share yours with your team!

Both Managers and Team members have access to whichever social profiles have been allocated to them - as you can see below, you can check and uncheck the boxes under each social profile to restrict a Manager or Team member's access to whichever profile(s) you choose.

If a Manager adds a Team member to the account, they can also allocate certain social profiles to that Team member (if the Manager has access to those social profiles):

When they log in, they will only see the social profile(s) that they have access to as avatars in the top right hand corner!

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