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Features not yet available through the Instagram API

Iconosquare is an official Instagram Business Partner and we work extremely closely with Instagram to bring all the newest features to our platform. 

When Instagram releases a new feature on their app, it generally takes around 4-5 months to test the feature and work out all the bugs and make improvements for users. From there, Instagram works closely with its partners to deliver features to third-party apps through their API. Sometimes, this process can take longer than expected and there are features that Instagram prefer not to make available through the API for third-party services.

Here is a list of features that have not been made available through the API yet (meaning no services besides Instagram have access to these). As soon as they are made available, our developers will start to build this feature into the Iconosquare desktop and mobile apps! 

The list of features not yet available:

  • Auto-posting for Carousels and Stories
  • Scheduling IGTV posts or Reels
  • Liking comments
  • Data concerning swipe up links in Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • DM's (or direct messages) 
  • Stories stickers, GIFs, Locations, Hashtags etc.
  • Shoppable links
  • Story Highlights
  • Stories "reposts", where you are @mentioned in another user's Story and then add their Story to your own Story via "Add This To Your Story" (this was available but was removed as of 5th Dec 2018)
  • Stories where you have shared a feed-post published by another account
  • New Discovery breakdown (non-followers vs. followers, discover through hashtag etc.)
  • IGTV analytics
  • Story poll results/slider results
  • Spotify integration
  • Video chat
  • iOS/Android reach breakdown
  • Instagram checkout
  • Branded content posts (eg. marking a post as "Paid partnership")
  • Promoted post analytics for Carousel posts
  • Views for promoted video posts (we can show organic views only)
  • Saves for promoted posts (we can show organic saves only)
  • Data relating to Shares on Instagram
  • Data relating to Mentions in Stories
  • Data relating to Reels (with the exception of Reach and Impressions generated from Reels - this is included in your global Reach and Impressions data at the top of the Overview and Reach pages - find out more in this article).
  • Hashtag tracking for Stories


Rest assured that if these features do become available on the API and consequently on Iconosquare, we'll be shouting it from the rooftops! 

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