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How will I know if another Instagram account is a Business Profile?

NB: As of the 25th September 2018, all new Instagram profiles added to Iconosquare must be Business Profiles. This includes free trials and adding new profiles to your paid plan. Further to this, as of the 23rd October 2018, use of Iconosquare will be entirely restricted to Business Profiles. So if you have a personal account that you'd like to convert to a Business Profile so that you can add it to Iconosquare, you can learn how to do that here!

You can only add Business Profiles as Competitors or as Users to your Feeds on Iconosquare. Here's how to check if the account you have your eye on is a Business Profile.

1. They have their Business Type listed directly under the name of their account. This info is pulled in from their Facebook Business Page. As you can see, John Lewis is listed as a Retail Company.

2. They have the 'Email', 'Directions', or 'Call' buttons on their profile. A super-easy way for customers to find/contact you without leaving the Instagram app.

3. They have the new 'Shop' button! Only recently rolled out to more regions, the shop button takes you to shoppable posts on @johnlewisretail's feed so you can shop their products directly from within the app. 



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