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Facebook Feeds and Albums are here!

Now you can monitor content that you care about from other Pages, as well as creating albums for your own content, just like you can for Instagram media! 


Facebook Feeds allows you to easily see media that you’ve posted and also set up new feeds to track media posted by Facebook Pages (not Facebook Groups or personal Profiles) of your choice. You can have 3 (STARTER), 5 (PRO) or 7 (ADVANCED) feeds depending on your Iconosquare plan, and can always purchase more in the add-ons section.) You can add up to 50 Facebook Pages per Feed.

Note: All Feed sections come with the 'My Media' Feed and this is not part of your allowance of Custom Feeds! If you're on the PRO or ADVANCED plan and you have Facebook competitors set up you'll also have the 'My Competitors' Feed, which also does not affect your allowance of Custom Feeds.




Albums allow you to organise the media you’ve posted. You can organise your media according to specific criteria: date of post or type of media (status, photo, video or link). You can then quickly and easily access all of your media of a specific media type or from a specific time period. Each album will also contain its own Analytics section, so you can also view analytics about the performance of content within these albums including information about Reach, Impressions and Engagement.


There's no limit to the amount of Facebook Albums you can create, so go wild! 

Note: It's only possible to add media posted by your own Facebook Business Page to your public Timeline, and not within a Facebook Group or personal Facebook Profile that you manage.



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