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How can I disable the notifications asking me to validate my auto-post?

If you don't want to receive notifications asking you to validate your auto-posts, this article explains how to deactivate them, so that the auto-posting process is completely automated.

This can only be done from the desktop site.


  1. Click the 'My Account' cog on the bottom left corner of any page, and go to 'Settings' --> 'Platform'
  2.  On the third row you'll find the option to 'Validate automatic posts via mobile application':

3. Click 'No' 

4. Don't forget to hit 'Save' in the bottom right!

From now on your auto-posts will be posted completely automatically, without any further action being required from you. 


Note: if you disable post validation, this will only apply to automatic posts you created after changing the setting. You will still need to validate posts created prior to the change.


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