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Does Iconosquare support paid post analytics?


When you boost/promote a post from your Instagram feed and receive additional likes and comments on this post during the boosted period, these likes and comments are available to view in your analytics on Iconosquare if you are on the ADVANCED TRIAL, the ADVANCED plan, or the AGENCY plan. Learn more about this here!

If you are not on one of the plans mentioned above, you will not be able to view your boosted/promoted likes and comments on Iconosquare, so in this instance, the likes and comments you see on Iconosquare will be organic only.

In any case, likes & comments from separately created Ads that don't show up on your Instagram profile (also known as "dark posts") will not be included in your Iconosquare analytics. This is the same for all Iconosquare plans.


We do include both paid and organic reach and impressions data in the Reach and Impressions KPIs on the Overview page and the Reach page, and also on the Reach & Impressions History chart (shown below), however, we don't provide a breakdown of the paid/organic data here, only a combined total.

"Paid" Reach & Impressions in this case refers to the Reach & Impressions of both boosted posts and Ads.


If you're on the ADVANCED TRIAL, the ADVANCED plan, or the AGENCY plan, you'll be able to see a breakdown of paid/organic reach and impressions on individual post analytics! Find out more about this here.

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