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Can I tag a user or a location in my scheduled post for Instagram?

When scheduling posts for Instagram via Iconosquare, it's now possible to tag both another user (public profiles only) and add a geolocation! (NB - only available for automatic posts! Click here to refresh your memory on which media are eligible for auto-posting.

(This feature is available to ALL plan levels, as long as you have an Instagram Business Profile!)


Tag a Location

After writing your caption and adding your hashtags, start typing your desired location in the 'Add a location' box and a list of options will appear in a scrollable dropdown menu. Select your desired location from the list and it will appear as a clickable geolocation on Instagram.


Tag a User

To tag a user, click on the "Tag" icon near the bottom left-hand side of the screen, as shown above.

The following window will then open - click anywhere on the media, and you can then type the username. (You don't need to include the @.) Make sure you type the user's exact username as we cannot provide a dropdown for this due to API limitations! If you type a handle name that does not exist, the post will fail to auto-post. Please also be sure to tag public accounts only - if you tag a private account, this will also cause the post to fail.

Once you've done this and pressed 'OK' this user will appear as a clickable tag on your photo on Instagram.


NB. Location and account tagging, along with all auto-posting features, are only available for Instagram Business Users, and these features can be accessed on the Iconosquare desktop site only, not via the mobile apps.

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