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Help! I can't re-authenticate my Instagram business profile on Iconosquare

**The steps in this article will take 7-10 minutes to complete.**

If you're struggling with re-authenticating your Instagram business profile on our platform, please carefully follow the steps below in order to work through this issue!


In order to re-authenticate, you'll need to be an Admin or Editor of the Facebook page linked to your Instagram business profile.

IMPORTANT: If you are an Admin of your Facebook Business Manager, unfortunately this does not mean you are automatically an Admin of the Business Page connected to your Instagram Business Profile. 

STEP 1: Please carefully follow the steps detailed in this article to check if you are an Admin or Editor of the Facebook page connected to your Instagram business profile.

If these steps confirm that you are listed as an Admin/Editor, please proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: Next, please check that the Facebook profile which is connected to your Iconosquare account is the profile through which you are Admin/Editor of the Facebook page/connected IG business profile, as mentioned above. You can check this on the Social profiles page under the Data access tab. Check where it says "Current Facebook profile connected" (eg. the connected profile is Cordelia Teague in the example below). If you're connected with the wrong Facebook profile, click "Logout" to connect with the correct Facebook profile, then please try to re-authenticate again.

Please note: by "Facebook profile", we're referring to your personal profile, not your Page

STEP 3:  Once you've confirmed that the correct Facebook profile is connected to your Iconosquare account, please follow the steps below:

  • Please open the Instagram App on your iOS or Android phone.
  • Click on your profile page (this should be the IG business profile you're trying to re-authenticate on Iconosquare) and click "Edit Profile" underneath your profile photo and bio.
  • Underneath the heading "Business Information", the associated Facebook Business Page should be listed next to "Page".
  • Please tap on the name of the page - here, you should see the list of Facebook Pages you manage.
  • Please check that the correct Facebook Business Page appears with a check-mark next to it.
  • If the checkmark is on a different Page, please select the correct Page and try to re-authenticate again on Iconosquare.
  • If the check-mark is on the correct Page, tap it again, then try to re-authenticate again on Iconosquare.
  • If there are no Pages listed (or the correct Page is not listed), then it's possible that your Facebook page is "Unpublished" - you can check this under the Facebook page settings, under "General" --> "Page Visibility" - be sure that this says "Page published". Please then return to the Instagram app, and see if the correct page is then listed.


Or, if you're unable to select the correct page because Instagram is showing an error message below, this means that you're not an Admin of the Facebook page in Facebook Business Manager:

In this case, please ask someone who is an Admin of the page in Business Manager to try Step 3 above, ensuring they're logged into their own Facebook account on the mobile device which you're using. Or, you will need to be added as an Admin of the page in Business Manager, and you can then try Step 3 again.

If you're then able to select the page, great! Go ahead and try to add your IG profile to Iconosquare again, if not please continue with Level 2 Troubleshooting below.



If you've tried the steps above, which confirm you're definitely the Admin/Editor on Facebook, and that the Facebook page is linked correctly within the Instagram app, then it's possible that you may have used Iconosquare before and still have some 'old' permissions enabled on your Facebook. Here's how to check, and remove them if necessary:

STEP 1. Remove Iconosquare's permissions from Facebook

Old Facebook design:

New Facebook design:

If you find Iconosquare, then follow Step 2. and 3. If Iconosquare isn't one of your Business Integrations, you can proceed to LEVEL 3 TROUBLESHOOTING.

  • Select Iconosquare, then click "Remove".
  • You will then need to confirm this - but do not click on the checkbox asking if you wish to "delete all posts, photos and videos", as shown below:
Old Facebook design:New Facebook design:

(Don't worry about the message that says 'This may delete your Iconosquare account and activity'. This is an automated message from Facebook that we are working to have changed - your account will NOT be deleted, and this process will NOT have any effect on your stats. This is simply to refresh the permissions we have for your account.)

STEP 2. Re-authorize Iconosquare's permissions


  • This will redirect you to Facebook -please do not customize the permissions. (OR, if you’re seeing the new Facebook permissions, please select ALL the Instagram accounts/businesses/Facebook Pages you’d like to monitor).
  • Once you've done that, you'll be redirected back to Iconosquare - please try to re-authenticate your social profile again. If it's now listed, great! If not, let's go ahead and continue with Level 3 troubleshooting below.



STEP 1. Go to the Settings section of your Facebook Business Page and click 'Instagram' near the bottom of the left-hand side menu.

STEP 2. Scroll down, and you should see the option to "Disconnect". Click here, or if no Instagram business profile is listed here, proceed to Step 3.

STEP 3. Click 'Log in' and log into the Instagram Business Profile associated with this Facebook Business Page (they should be the same as the ones that are linked within your Instagram app).

STEP 4. Try to re-authenticate your Instagram Business Profile again on Iconosquare. 

Old Facebook design:
New Facebook design:



PLEASE NOTE: This step will cause you to lose any previously gathered Insights data on Instagram. However, if you already have an Iconosquare account, any data you have gathered will still be available here.

If the steps detailed in Levels 1-3 prove to be unsuccessful, we have discovered that the most effective solution is to convert your Instagram business profile back to a personal profile, and then re-convert back to a business profile again. 
STEP 1: 

  • Open the Instagram app on your iOS on Android phone
  • Click on your profile page
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right of the screen
  • Select "Settings", then, select "Account", and click on "Switch Back to Personal Account":

STEP 2: You can then re-convert back to a business profile by following the steps detailed in this article. Please then try to re-authenticate on Iconosquare again.


If you're unsure about anything mentioned in this article, please send an e-mail to and provide as much information as you can as to where you’re getting stuck with the above steps.

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