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Customer support - FAQ

What will happen on October 23rd?

On the 23rd October, the platform will change and become accessible only for Business Profiles. So as an existing non-Business user, you will no longer be able to use the platform. You will only be able to see a prompt (with a link you can follow) asking you to convert to a Business Profile/verify it on Iconosquare. That's why we encourage you to convert to a Business Profile before this date, so you don't lose access to all of the tools and analytics that you use Iconosquare for!

Why is this happening?

As Instagram is working on migrating all third-party services to its Graph API, which is designed exclusively for Business Profiles, we are asking our users now to convert to an Instagram Business Profile in order to continue using our services. By next year this will be the case for all official Instagram partners and services, and personal accounts will not be able to access any analytics or scheduling platforms.

I have a Business Profile but I haven't verified it on Iconosquare yet.

If you're already a Business Profile and you just haven't verified it on Iconosquare yet, you can learn how to do that here. This will take less than a minute, and if you're on a PRO+ plan, will give you access to locked tabs like Reach, Profile Activity and advanced Stories. You'll also be able to unlock our automatic posting feature from the Scheduler page! (STARTER/PLUS users will gain access to automatic posting and Community Insights.)


I don't have a Business Profile, but I want to convert to one to unlock loads of extra features and insights, and keep my Iconosquare account!

Watch this short video to find out how to convert and verify on Iconosquare in under five minutes! 

I don't have a Business Profile and don't want to convert to one. 

Please note that if you choose not to convert to a Business Profile, your subscription will NOT be automatically canceled and will continue as normal unless you cancel it.

If you are using Instagram for your business, we strongly recommend that you convert to a Business Profile as you will not otherwise be able to continue using any official Instagram partner analytics/scheduling tools as of January 2019. You can read more about the benefits for your business here. However, we understand that if you are using Instagram and Iconosquare for personal use, you may not want to convert. If this is you and you are wondering what will happen to your Iconosquare plan, please contact us

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