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Our new design - what's changed?!

We hope you like our new design on Iconosquare! Things have changed and moved around a bit, so this article is a comprehensive list of all the changes so you know exactly where to find your favourite features (and which superfluous charts have been removed).


  1. It's no longer possible to pin the left-hand side menu. This is so the charts on the new design will not become compressed, and will remain easily readable!
  2. The Settings cog, which used to be in the top right of the page, has been removed. You'll now find the 'My Account' dropdown menu, which expands to reveal Settings, Users & Roles and Social Profiles.
  3. Settings includes the sections Account (previously known as General Information), Platform (previously known as Platform Options), Security, Subscription (previously known as Payment Information), Invoices and Plans & pricing
  4. You'll be able to access our FAQs and Product Change articles now directly from the bottom of the left side menu as well. 
  5. The sections on the left hand menu now have new names -
    • the Comment Tracker is now called Conversations
    • You'll find your Feeds, Albums and Media Library under Listening
    • The Scheduler can now be found under Publishing
  6. There's a brand new HELP button at the bottom of the left hand menu
  7. The footer has been removed.
  8. The Instagram Feed Tab and Widget have been removed due to the limitations placed on this feature by Instagram's April API changes.
  9. When you click on a media, you'll now immediately see the analytics and there will be a button on the top right to access the comments.


  1. You'll see that some of the charts and KPIs have been moved around, so have a scroll through and get used to the new look!
  2. Average Love Rate and Average Talk Rate have been removed. 
  3. The Most Liked, Most Commented & Most Engaging Media blocks have been removed from the bottom of the Overview page, but don't worry - you can still filter & export your media from the Most Recent Media block.     


The Followings graph has been removed.

Content section has been removed but you can still see your Post Distribution & Post History in the Engagement section.


  1. The Filter Impact chart has been removed
  2. The Hashtag Performance chart has been removed
  3. Average Love Rate and Average Talk Rate have also been removed from this section 

Competitors & Hashtags

  1. Most Liked and Most Commented media have been removed from the Competitors' pages. We now only show Most Engaging Media.
  2. To add or remove a Competitor OR Hashtag, you'll need to go to the Competitor/Hashtag overview and click on the cog icon.




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