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Why can I no longer see my boosted likes and comments on Iconosquare?

UPDATE: As of 28th May 2019, ADVANCED and AGENCY users now have access to promoted post analytics on Iconosquare, find out more here


As of 5th December 2018, we no longer show your boosted likes & comments on Iconosquare as they are not a part of the new Instagram Graph API. Now you can distinguish between the organic likes and comments you've got on your post and the likes and comments that came from boosting your post so you can compare your organic Iconosquare data with paid data from Ads Manager - making it even easier to determine the ROI on your ad spend. 

Please note that from today, if you export an old report you'll now only see the organic likes & comments. And don't worry if you see a drop in your Engagement Rate and Engagement on Reach - this is because of the absence of boosted likes & comments and will soon even out.  

We're also working to develop a solution in the future that will allow us to integrate both paid & organic data into Iconosquare, so we can deliver you even more comprehensive data on your posts. 


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