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Help! I can't schedule auto-posts on Instagram

We are hearing reports that some users are receiving the below error message: 

Facebook is currently experiencing issues and while our developers are working on diagnosing the issues, you can follow these steps to try and help:

**Please note that this step must be completed by an Admin of the FB business Page associated with the IG Business Profile. If you are not sure, please follow this article to ensure you are an Admin first.**

Step 1: First things first, please visit the Social Profile section (you'll need to be an Admin or Manager in your Iconosquare account to perform these actions) 

Step 2: Click "I've changed my Instagram password". This will launch the Facebook permissions needed to confirm the automatic publishing feature. 

Step 3: Try and schedule a new post. If it lets you, you're all back to normal! (YEAH). If not, please proceed to the next steps in troubleshooting below: 

Step 4.) Remove Iconosquare's permissions from Facebook

  • Click on this link to access your Facebook Business Integrations (
  • Search, or scroll to find ICONOSQUARE
  • Select Iconosquare and click "Remove". (Don't worry about the message that says 'This may delete your Iconosquare account and activity'. This is an automated message from Facebook that we are working to have changed - your account will NOT be deleted!)

Step 5.) Re-authorize Iconosquare's permissions

  • Go to the Social Profiles section on Iconosquare and click the link under your profile 'I have changed my Instagram password'
  • You'll be asked if you want to remove Iconosquare's authorization - click "Yes"
  • Click 'Re-verify Business Profile' and follow the prompts to re-verify your profile. Don't customise the permissions!

You'll be redirected back to the Social Profiles section. Don't forget to click 'Re-authenticate profile' too!


Step 6.) Please go to the SCHEDULER page (Under Publishing) and on the right-hand side, please click "Unlock Auto-Publishing" again.

 Step 7.) Please click into all scheduled posts that were having this issue and click "EDIT" and then schedule the media again. You should then receive the below message for all of your posts. Note: if you have post validation enabled in the app, you'll need to validate these on your mobile phone: 



If you have multiple accounts on Iconosquare, you will need to repeat Step 2-7 for ALL accounts which are IG Business Profiles. 

NOTE: This will NOT have any effect on your stats. This simply refreshes the permissions to attempt to fix the problem with linking your auto-publishing, or your IG insights. 

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