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How can I access analytics for my Tags and Mentions?

You can now access analytics for your tags and mentions in our brand new Mentions tab!

This feature is available for ADVANCED and AGENCY users, and can be found on the main left-hand side menu under Listening --> Mentions.

What's included?

This new feature allows you to view the number of mentions in captions, comments, and tags in posts you have received during a given time period, as well as view the most recent media where you have been tagged/mentioned (first data available from 15th March 2019).

You'll be able to see a breakdown of the type of tags/mentions you've received, as well as a breakdown of the media type. You can also check the number of times your social profile is being mentioned in captions and comments in real time!

Can I get historical data for my mentions and tags?

Data in this section starts from 15th March 2019, so there is no historical data available prior to this date.

Can I reply to the media?

This is not possible at the moment, however, we're working on adding this functionality in the future!

Are Stories included in this section?

No, mentions in Stories will not be included in this section, as this data is not available on the API.

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