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I want to add my Instagram business profile to Iconosquare - why am I being asked to log into Facebook?

If you're trying to add an Instagram business profile to your Iconosquare account, you may be wondering why you're then directed to a Facebook login screen:


We use a Single Sign-On process, which means we connect to all of your social profiles (Instagram business profile or Facebook page) via your personal Facebook profile.

How does the Single Sign-On process work?

Every Instagram Business profile must be connected to a Facebook page - this is the Facebook page which you selected when you converted to an Instagram business profile (or, Facebook can create a page for you during the conversion process, providing you with the option of "claiming" the page at a later date).

You must be an Admin of this Facebook page via your personal Facebook profile (eg. Cordelia Teague) in order to be able to add the Instagram profile to your Iconosquare account, as the permissions for the Instagram business profile lie within the Facebook page.

Here's an example of this!

  • I want to add the Instagram profile @cocoteague to Iconosquare
  • This Instagram is connected to the Facebook page Cordelia
  • My Facebook profile Cordelia Teague is listed as an Admin of this Facebook page:
  • Therefore, after entering my login credentials (for my personal Facebook profile) on the Facebook login screen on Iconosquare, I will see both the Facebook page Cordelia listed, as well as the Instagram business profile @cocoteague:

I'm seeing my Facebook page listed, but not the Instagram profile which is linked to that page

If you're only seeing the Facebook page listed here, this suggests that there could be an issue with the connection between the Facebook page and the Instagram business profile. Please check that your Facebook page is listed in the Instagram app (click on your profile, then "Edit Profile", then scroll down to "Business information" and if you click on "Page", the correct page should be listed here with a check mark against it:


If the correct Facebook page is listed with a checkmark against it, as above, but you still can't add your Instagram profile to Iconosquare, please follow the steps in this article for more advanced troubleshooting.

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