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What is the "Current Facebook profile connected" information?

You may have noticed this banner on the Social profiles page, along with some new information regarding the Current Facebook profile connected to your Iconosquare account:

In this new section, you will find the name of the Facebook profile which is currently connected to your Iconosquare account, along with the email address associated with that Facebook account:

We recently moved to a Single Sign-On process, which means we now connect to all of your social profiles (both Instagram business profiles and Facebook pages) via your personal Facebook profile (and via this Facebook profile, you must be Admin of all social profiles which you wish to add to your Iconosquare account).

It's important to have only one Facebook profile linked to your Iconosquare account, and to not swap this connection back and forth between different Facebook profiles, otherwise, this will cause social profiles to become disconnected, as explained in this article. So, if you're not connected to Iconosquare with the correct Facebook profile, you can simply click on "Switch profiles" as shown on the screenshot above, in order to connect via the correct Facebook profile.

You also may have noticed the following option to refresh the connection which we have with your Facebook profile:

When you connect your Facebook profile to your Iconosquare account, we are granted an access token which lasts for 3 months.

When this access token expires, you will see an alert near the top right of the page on your Iconosquare account:

In this case, you will then just need to head to the Social profile page, and click on the "Refresh Access" button,  so that we can maintain access to your social profiles (via your Facebook profile):

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