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Product Update: June 2019

🖼️ Cross-post to multiple social profiles at once

Users on our Pro, Advanced and Agency plans as well as trial users can now post to multiple Instagram and Facebook profiles at once simply by checking the “Post to other social profiles” box on the screen above. You can also edit the caption for each separate profile if you want to as well so they better resonate with the audience for each profile.

If you want to access cross-posting + other great features, make the switch to a Pro, Advanced or Agency plan here.  


📊 Export the Best Time to Post graph

Another one for Users on our Pro, Advanced and Agency plans as well as trial users, now you can export the Best Time to Post graph found within the Engagement section. Download the graph in CSV or PNG format to track how your Best Time to Post evolves over time.

Again, if you’re not on a Pro, Advanced or Agency plan you can easily move to one today to get access to this feature. Check out the other benefits here.


💬 Organise the media strips for your Instagram Stories using the filter “Sort by the most/least replies"

We’ve added another filter into the media stripe for your Instagram stories so now you can easily see those that generated the most and least replies. This is available for users on our Pro, Advanced and Agency plans.

Click here to move to one of these plans, check out the pricing and see the other features included.


↔️ Stay in the same area in Iconosquare when switching profiles

We know how annoying it was moving between profiles, being re-routed to your selected home page and having to navigate back to wherever you were previously in the platform so to save you time, you’ll now remain in the same area of Iconosquare when switching profiles! This means if you were in the scheduler for one social profile and you move to another, you’ll still be within the scheduler section so you’ll be able to work a lot faster 💪

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