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How to check if I'm an Admin of the Facebook Ads Manager account which manages my Instagram promoted posts?

In order to view Instagram promoted post analytics on Iconosquare (on our ADVANCED and AGENCY plans), you will need to be listed as an Admin within the Facebook Business Manager Ads account linked to your Instagram business profile (this is not the same as being listed as an Admin within the Page roles section of the Facebook page itself).

If you're unsure how to check whether or not you are listed as an Admin within Business Manager, please follow the steps below.

  • Open
  • Select the correct business which corresponds with your Facebook page and linked Instagram business profile.
  • If you're not seeing the correct page listed here, this means that you don't have access to this Page (and linked Instagram profile) within Business Manager, and therefore you'll need to contact the person who manages the Business Manager account in order to be added as an Admin.
  • If you can select the relevant business, please then head to the menu on the left-hand side, click on "Users" and then "People":



  • You should then see your name listed under "People", with the correct Facebook page listed under "Assigned Assets":



  • In addition to this, you will then also need to click on "Ad Accounts" on the left-hand side menu:



  • If you then click the sub-title "Ads (Internal)", you should then find your name listed under "People":



  • Proving your name is listed here (and this is the Facebook account which you have connected to Iconosquare under the Social profiles section), if you have unlocked promoted post analytics on Iconosquare, you should then be able to view the promoted post data on Iconosquare. 
  • As an additional check, we also recommend clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your name (see screenshot below) and ensuring that the blue toggle is set to "Full control":


If you are listed under "Ads (Internal)", have "Full control" selected, and you still cannot view the promoted post data after unlocking the feature, please reach out to us at, and we'd be happy to assist further.

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