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Product Update: August 2019

🏆 Random Comment Picker tool

The Comment Picker will select a random winner from people who interacted with specific posts based on a series of criteria, including a date deadline, unique comments only, specific hashtags and mentions.

It is available for all users on a PRO, ADVANCED or AGENCY plan (including trials) and can be found within the Media Viewer for any post on both Instagram and Facebook.


📆 Compare your performance to either the previous period or the same time last year

Now you can compare your performance to how you performed at the same time last year by changing the selector in the date picker. This is available for all analytics sections within the platform and for both Instagram and Facebook.


💬 Actions taken within “Conversations” now carry across to all users within a team

We have changed the way Conversations are managed, streamlining the way in which comments are managed within teams on Iconosquare. The Conversations tab will now be shared between all users within an Iconosquare team (Admin, Manager & Team member), meaning that if one user marks a comment as "Read", it will also be marked as read for the rest of the team.

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