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How can I reschedule or copy a past post?

Big news - it's now possible to reschedule/copy a past post within the Scheduler - perfect if you've missed the notification to post a Carousel or Story, or if you just want to copy a previously published post! 📅

How does it work?

  • Simply head the Scheduler
  • Click on the post which you'd like to reschedule (any post which has passed the scheduled time of posting)
  • Click on the "Copy" button near the bottom right of the screen
  • The post will then be copied exactly, including the original caption, hashtags, geolocation, and user tags, which you can then edit/update as needed!
  • Select the new date/time for publishing, click "Schedule", and it's as easy as that!


Which plans have access to this feature?

This feature is available to all users on all plans, including our free trial! 🙌


Does this work with both Instagram and Facebook posts?

Yes! As long as the post has been scheduled using Iconosquare, you'll be able to reschedule it 😄




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