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Scheduler Error Codes

Below is a list of error codes that we receive directly from Instagram or Facebook when attempting to schedule auto-posts on your behalf: 


ERROR -2: TIMEOUT - Instagram or Facebook has cancelled this operation due to the amount of time it took to complete the request. Please wait a few mins and try again. If the error persists, it is possible there is a server issue on their side. (You will still be able to schedule for non-automatic posting.)

ERROR -1: FATAL: - This request is a generic error coming from Instagram or Facebook which provides no further information. Your account is temporarily blocked from using the auto-publishing feature. Usually, this error resolves itself within 2 days. If you are receiving this error after 2 days, and your already scheduled posts are also failing to auto-post, please contact our support. (You should still be able to schedule for non-automatic posting)

ERROR 1: UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED: Either Instagram or Facebook is experiencing temporary issues. Please do NOT attempt to schedule this post too quickly again. It is possible your profile is being rate-limited and Instagram thinks you are using the feature too quickly or too frequently. Please see this FAQ specifically (here)

ERROR 2: AN UNEXPECTED ERROR HAS OCCURRED: - Either Instagram or Facebook is experiencing temporary issues. Please try your request again later, or schedule for non-automatic posting in the meantime. 

ERROR 28: ACTION TIMEOUT: - Currently Instagram or Facebook server cannot complete the request. Please wait a few mins and try again. If this persists for longer than a few hours, please contact our support. 

ERROR 190: ERROR VALIDATING ACCESS TOKEN: Either you or your Iconosquare Admin/Manager has changed their Facebook password, or Facebook has invalidated our access. If you are a Team Member, please contact your Iconosquare Admin to correct this error. If you are an Iconosquare Admin or Manager, please visit the Data access page here:

ERROR 368: TEMPORARY ACCOUNT BLOCK BY INSTAGRAM - Unfortunately Instagram has blocked your account from using auto-posting at this time. The block is usually temporary, and you should be able to use this feature again in a couple of days. This might also affect previously scheduled posts from not auto-posting as well. You should be able to post using non-automatic posting. If the issue persists longer than 2 days, please contact our support. (Note: using Iconosquare has not blocked your account, but another action you have taken has caused Instagram's systems to flag your account)

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