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What's included in the new Content tab?

If you've noticed the new Content tab on the main menu, and would like to know more about what's included in this new section, keep reading! ⬇️


Posts and Stories

Here you can quickly access the new and improved Posts and Stories section (previously known as My Profile), where you can view all of your published posts:


Within this section, you can view posts published during any date range, sort the media by a number of different sort filters (such as most people reached or most engaging), and then export this data (including all analytics for those posts) as an XLS file!


If you're subscribed to the ADVANCED or AGENCY plan and have unlocked the Promoted post analytics feature, you'll also be able to filter promoted/non-promoted posts, making it easier to report on promoted post performance!💰


When clicking on a media thumbnail, you'll also notice some changes to the Media Viewer. Alongside the "Stats" and "Comments" tabs, there is now also a new tab called "Albums/Labels". Here, you can add labels to your published feed posts, which you can then use to filter your posts by, and you can also add posts to your Albums from this section (more about Albums below!).

Updated media viewer


The Media tab is also now home to Albums, which has been revamped to include some exciting new features! ✨

When creating an Album, choose whether you want to:

  • manually add your posts to the Album
  • or use the automatic option so that your album auto-populates with your posts, based on specific criteria which you can set (hashtags used, labels used, date period, and media type).


Whichever option you choose, this feature allows you to group together your published posts based on a range of criteria, and then see analytics on how those posts have performed. Want to know how user-generated content performs, or maybe how much engagement you're getting from contests? Creating an album for each of these categories will allow you to see how these types of posts are performing as a whole.


Note: The features mentioned above are available on PRO, ADVANCED and AGENCY plans.

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