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Tiklytics - Frequently asked questions

UPDATE: As of February 8th 2021, Tikyltics is now temporarily closed. Please head to the Tiklytics homepage for more information.


How do I create a Tiklytics account?

Set up your account here!

Is it free?

Yes, Tiklytics is 100% free to use! No credit card details are required.

How long will it take for the data to load?

After adding a TikTok™ profile to your account, the data can load within a few minutes, but sometimes it takes a little longer. If the data hasn't loaded within 24 hours, please reach out to us ( and we can check to make sure there's nothing preventing the data from loading 😊.

Can I add any TikTok™ profile to my account?

Yes! You just need the TikTok™ username of the profiles you want to add, that's it! Great for tracking your own TikTok™ performance, or for keeping an eye on your competitors.

How many TikTok™ profiles can I add to my Tiklytics account?

You can add up to 3 profiles to your Tiklytics account (whether that be your own accounts or the accounts of your competitors).

How can I track my competitors?

To track the TikTok™ account of a competitor, just add the TikTok™ profile to your Tiklytics account in the same way as you add your own profile, by clicking on the + icon at the top right of the screen (or via this link).

How is the engagement rate calculated?

We calculate your TikTok™ engagement rate as follows:

[Likes + Comments + Shares] ÷ [Your number of followers at the time of posting] x 100

Can I track hashtags?

Yes, you can track up to 3 hashtags under ListeningHashtags

Can I track songs?

Yes, you can track up to 3 songs under Listening → Songs

Changes to the Hashtag section

As of November 2020, the metric "Total videos" is no longer included on the comparative table on the Hashtag section. The Hashtag growth chart has also been removed.

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