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Can I create a dashboard for multiple different social profiles?

If you're interested in reporting on multiple different social profiles at the same time, perhaps if you're managing a brand and want to check the performance across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you're going to love our new Multi-profile Custom Dashboard feature! 

How does it work?

You will now have one Dashboard section that will be shared across all of your social profiles (so no matter which social profile you have selected at the top right of the page, the Dashboard section will be the same).

You can set up multiple different Custom Dashboards, and within each Dashboard, select widgets/KPIs for any of your social profiles, allowing you to monitor your social media performance across your brand.

In the Dashboard, use the widget menu on the right-hand side, using the drop-down menu to select the social profile, then dragging and dropping widgets into the Dashboard.

Once a widget is added to the Dashboard, you can change the social profile that it relates to, by clicking on the social profile icon at the top left of the widget, and selecting a different social profile.

Check out the GIF below to see how it works:

Who can access this feature?

This feature is available to users on our ADVANCED and AGENCY plans, as well as on the free trial.


Can the Dashboard be exported?

Yes! The multi-profile dashoard can be exported, and you can schedule automated reports for it too, meaning you can now report on multiple social profiles within one report! 🙌 Find out more about setting up automated Dashboard exports here.

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