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Optimize your social media strategy

With in-depth, easy to read analytics, provide more of what resonates with your audience for increased growth and engagement. Share the performance of your social media channels via regular reports, delivered to your inbox.

new Now you can understand how your Instagram promoted posts impacted your performance across metrics like reach, engagement, impressions, follower growth + more.
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Set and forget your content in advance

Use automatic posting to publish your Facebook and Instagram content at the time you’d like - no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
Set and forget Facebook statuses, single image and video posts for both Instagram and Facebook using automatic posting.
Cross-post content to multiple profiles at once to save time.
Upload multiple images at once and organise your posts a week, month or even further in advance.

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Monitor your competitors’ performance

Keep track of what your competitors are posting so you can benchmark their performance against your own, get new content ideas and understand what’s important to your audience.

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Other Features

Add team members

Add additional team members and use one account to manage multiple profiles for different parts of your brand, all from within one place.


Build engagement with your audience by easily responding to comments on posts from within Conversations.

Hashtag Tracking

Track the performance of your Hashtags using the Hashtag Tracker. Monitor content posted under a specific Hashtag in the Hashtags Feed.

My Tags/Mentions Feed

Social listening made easy! Identify any media where your brand is tagged in the image or mentioned in the caption.
Analyze your mentions on Instagram with Tags and Mentions Analytics including mentions by type, breakdown of mention by media type, mentions history and more.

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