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Understand, connect and engage with your clients' audience to maximize results

Maximize insights to optimise performance

Demonstrate your value using in-depth analytics to understand your clients’ audience for increased account growth and engagement.

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Easy performance reporting

Produce branded PDF reports* with the click of a button. Send them regularly to your inbox or share directly with your clients.
*For users on an Agency plan.

Multi profile management

Use one account to manage multiple social media profiles and content for your clients from one dashboard. Add, remove or switch between clients and social profiles easily with a simple click.

Custom Dashboard new
Quickly evaluate your performance based on the metrics that matter most!
Build a dashboard of the insights that you find most valuable, specific to each social profile that you manage.
Only available for users on an Advanced or Agency plan.

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Set and forget your content in advance

Use automatic posting to publish your Facebook and Instagram content at the time you’d like - no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
Set and forget Facebook statuses, single image and video posts for both Instagram and Facebook using automatic posting.
Upload multiple images at once and organise your posts a week, month or even further in advance.

Other Features

Competitor Analysis

Keep track of what your competitors are posting and how their content is performing so you can benchmark against your own.

My Tags / Mentions Feed

Social listening made easy! Identify any media where your brand is tagged in the image or mentioned in the caption.
Analyze your mentions on Instagram with Tags and Mentions Analytics including mentions by type, breakdown of mention by media type, mentions history and more.


Build engagement with your client's audiences by easily responding to comments on posts from within Conversations.

Hashtag Tracking

Track the performance of your Hashtags using the Hashtag Tracker. Monitor content posted under a specific Hashtag in the Hashtags Feed.

And more!

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