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Actionable insights to optimize your social media strategy.

Advanced Analytics

Easy-to-read graphs display your performance for metrics like follower evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach and impressions history and more to give you the insights to modify your social media strategy and optimize your performance.
See a clear split of your organic vs. promoted Instagram posts to understand how your results were impacted across selected metrics.*

Use labels and Albums to easily organise and categorise your posts for in-depth analysis - great for campaign reporting!
Industry Benchmarks for over 100 industries allow you to compare your performance using metrics like follower growth, average engagement on reach per post, posting frequency and more.
*Available for users on selected plans only

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Instagram Stories analytics

Increase your reach and engagement. Use Instagram Stories insights to post more of what works for your audience. Metrics like Stories reach and impressions, completion rate by story type and best time to post Stories allow you to easily build an effective strategy.

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In-depth engagement insights

Understand how your content impacts engagement to grow your brand presence. Insights like average engagement on reach and best time to post will help you increase your engagement rate and grow your reach and impressions.
Your engagement metrics include the performance generated from your promoted Instagram posts!*

new Organise groups of posts into Albums for in-depth analysis of engagement across a group of posts - campaign reporting has never been easier!
* Available for users on selected plans only

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Tags and Mentions Analytics

Measure and understand how your brand or profile is being mentioned on Instagram with metrics like mentions by type (comment, photo tag, caption), breakdown of mention by media type (photo, video, carousel), mentions history and more.

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Automate your social media reports in 3 minutes

Four types of automated reporting:
- for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
- hashtag tracking
- competitors' activity
- your customizable dashboard*

Either scheduled for regular delivery or exported manually on demand, you're in control.
Spend time on what matters. Let us create and deliver visual reports to the email recipients of your choice.
*Available for users on selected plans only
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Other Features

Community Analytics

Understand where your followers are, the languages they speak and their age and gender.

Profile Activity

Know which links within your profile are working to drive traffic to your website.

Competitor Tracking

Understand your competitor’s performance so you can easily benchmark it against your own.

Hashtag Tracking

Know how well certain hashtags perform so you can be smart about your hashtag usage to get optimal reach and engagement results.

And more!

Grow your brand presence on social media.

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