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How it all started.

Iconosquare is a powerful analytics, management & scheduling platform for brands and agencies worldwide looking to up their presence on social media.

Iconosquare was founded in 2011 in Limoges, France, as a way to easily gather performance statistics about your Instagram account. The first version, known as Statigram, was released one week after the initial idea and was a one-pager including 10 Instagram metrics.

Another week, and Statigram had 20,000 subscribers.

Fast forward to 2015, and there were 10 million registered users, with Statigram being ranked among the Top 800 most-visited websites in the world.

But as Instagram grew, so did we. In 2015, Statigram rebranded to Iconosquare and released our first beta pro version for professional users. Just a year later, Iconosquare became a proud Instagram partner, having earned the badge for its continued product development and high level of customer service. 2017 was yet another year when big things happened for Iconosquare: the launch of Facebook analytics, followed up by an official marketing partnership with Facebook, and the opening of the second office in Berlin.


Our company values.

While Iconosquare is a social media analytics platform, we’re much more than that. We work together to positively impact the world whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Whether we’re donating funds to nonprofits, investing in social impact startups and using our skills to help them grow, taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint, or simply cleaning up litter in our local communities, Iconosquare makes giving back a top priority.

We hold our values close to our hearts, and we’re determined to be a people-focused company. Our culture is built on principles of a liberated or “freedom-form” (F-Form) company, which means we favor self-organization, distributed authority, and transparency over traditional organizational models. This way we empower our individual team members to take actions they decide are best within their respective domains and ultimately do their best work.

Our culture also demonstrates how we connect with each other in and out of the office. Iconosquare is not just a job, it’s a place of belonging — we foster diversity and inclusion, collaborate without ego, and help each other succeed professionally and personally.

the team.

We invest in our team members so they can turn their ambitions into achievements. Today, our team is built by 40+ people from around the world.

As we’re growing, we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If you’re inspired by our story, then join us on the journey and check our current openings. We’d love to hear from you!